Sports Programs

“Do you know what’s common between David Beckham, Sachin Tendulkar, Mary Kom and Saina Nehwal, besides the obvious of being successful sportsperson? It is the fact that they discovered their passion when they were really young. So the real question here is, would you be ‘game’ to identify an opportunity that could help your child identify his/ her passion? At FieldTripers, we organize specialized sports tours for cricket, football, tennis and badminton, which provide an international training experience under renowned and experienced coaches and players. Not only would these training sessions help them build the right skills and teach the technical and tactical elements of the game, but they would also provide a great opportunity to experience different cultures and interact with new friends. Now this is going to be an unforgettable experience worth investing in!”

Cricket Programs in England, Australia & South Africa
Darren Lehmann Cricket Program & Gary Kirsten Cricket Program The modern day cricketer is no longer confined to his own comfort zone and has to go through the grind of packing, unpacking and travelling the world at short notice. This would literally mean living their life out of a suitcase. However the rewards are plenty – getting to learn different cultures, taste variety of food and get accustomed to playing in different conditions. The primary objective of the tour is to get students to experience life outside their comfort zone and play in tough and demanding conditions. Mental toughness is an integral part of sport and cricket in specific. So with opportunities like these, players not only gets to play at different conditions, but also get to interact with other young cricketers, officials, coaches from other countries and learn from them. Getting exposure at such young stage is a blessing and not every young kid gets that opportunity. Another highlight is exposure to high-end tools, technologies and infrastructure.