International Paid Internships

For students & professionals whether you are an ambitious university student or professional, training at a U.S Company is the perfect way to kick-start your career. Gain real-world skills get valuable insights into American business practices. Experience American life & sharpen your English language ability. Make lifelong friends and enjoy the experience of a lifetime! Get opportunity to work with top notch companies abroad and get paid for the work you do. Earn Minimum 1500 $ to 2500 $ per month.

06 months - 12 months

Process and Cost Break up:
Step 1 - Aptitude test - fees Rs 500/- (non refundable)
Step 2 - Skype interview - fees Rs 10,000/- (Rs 9000/- amount refunded if application after interview gets cancelled by council)
Step 3 - Profile sharing of student with internship council - Deposit 500 $
Step 4 - JD / Profile of job shared with shortlisted candidate and once candidate provides consent, then Employer interview
Step 5 - If No offer received then refund of 500 $ or Accept offer letter and pay remaining $5500 (approx) fees for 1 year or $ 3900 (approx) for 6 months internship
Step 6 - Sponsorship for J1 Visa and visa application, pay $160 visa fee and $180 SEVIS fee.
Step 7 - visa stamping and fly to destination (Pay for your flight)

If visa gets rejected then total fees shall be refunded except visa and sevices fee.