Garage Apartment Plans | Detached Garages with Living Quarters

Discover garage apartment plans with shop, 2-car bays, 1-2 bedrooms and more!

Garage apartment plans offer homeowners a unique way to expand their home and office space.

Garage plans with apartment are popular with people who wish to build a brand new home as well as folks who simply wish to add a little extra living space to a pre-existing property. Why? Because a garage with living quarters can be used for a variety of things. Some homeowners may use a garage apartment plan to build a private, detached space in which to house an office. Note that some of our garage apartment designs even go so far as to feature a shop (in addition to living quarters). Meanwhile, other people might rent out a garage apartment to college kids or young professionals to help pay off their mortgage. Then again, sometimes a garage with apartment plan can be used as a guest suite for out of town visitors, grown adults, or elderly parents. Note: if you plan to use your garage apartment plan to house an elderly relative, consider selecting a design that features the garage and living space on one level so your loved one won't have to deal with stairs.

All of our garage apartment plans contain heated living space above or next to the garage, often with full plumbing and even kitchen space. For more ways to create private space in a home, see our collection of house plans with inlaw suites.

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