Career Exploratory Programs

We live in a world that is dynamic & changing more rapidly than ever before. Children will face a continual stream of new issues and challenges in the future. Things that they learn today will be obsolete tomorrow. To thrive, they must learn to design innovative solutions. Their success and satisfaction will be based on their ability to think and act creatively. Knowledge alone is not enough; they must learn to use their knowledge.

Career Exploratory program: an Introduction to Engineering for School Students
The Introduction to Engineering course has been designed to provide students with a head start in the discipline of Engineering. During the program participants will go far beyond what they learn at school, in addition, skills sessions and group projects will help students develop key abilities for future success, including leadership, teamwork and presentation skills. The program is suitable both for those seeking to gain exposure to the practical applications of recent technology and for those who aim to pursue further education in the field of Engineering Science.

The key components of the program will be: Electronics & communication engineering, Mechanical engineering, Computer science and IT Engineering
Hands on training can be considered as an innovative method of teaching engineering to school students. Students can not only co-relate their theoretical concepts but can also develop strong fundamentals of coding and logic building. The engaging, hands-on activities form the core of the program that allows children to plan, investigate and implement their ideas. They develop scientific enquiry and essential life skills as they learn on their journey of discovery.

Trainers - The trainers profile include right mix of IITians, PHD’s and Industry Professionals