About us

We believe in experiential learning.

We are an experiential learning company which create and design programs that enable students to learn through exploration, curiosity and active participation. We strongly believe educational programs that require traveling to a distant place enable students to become more Curious, Active and Dynamic. Education in recent times has changed by leaps and bounds.

FieldTripers believes educational travel will be an important part of the modern education system. We believe educational programs that involve traveling to a different country or a distant place will produce well rounded students in the 21st century. Our team takes pride in working together to deliver cutting edge programs that would meet the requirements of your institution and will benefit students as well.

How students benefit from our programs?


Become the best version of yourself

Our educational programs help students to open up to new experiences, allowing them to become more self-aware and worldly. These programs create an environment for students to learn, grow and become better versions of themselves.

Prepare yourself for college setting

Our educational programs prepare students to adjust to university or campus life. Students are better equipped to handle various situations, and are more sensitive and empathetic to other people’s needs.

Create Amazing Bonds

In our educational programs, we see that Time and time again, amazing bonds and friendships are formed. Together, students feed off of each other’s energy and enthusiasm for stepping outside of themselves and their comfort zones to be more open-minded about the world.

Establish a Global Mindset

Educational travel is a big step in the right direction to help students stay competitive. Our educational programs allows students to understand that there is a whole world of experiences outside of where they come from, bringing alive the opportunities that this world can offer to them.

Meet The Team


Hitesh Gautam


“Travel Changes Lives” - Believing in these 3 words, Hitesh embarked on building India’s first Student Travel Company. An Alumnus from IIT Delhi and IIM Lucknow, Hitesh holds over 7 years of corporate experience in the fields of marketing, sales & channel management with Asian Paints Ltd. as Brand Manager & Area Manager. Born and brought up in Delhi, He is an avid traveler and a big soccer fan.


Nakul Wagde


Born and brought up in Bhopal, Nakul graduated with B.com in Taxation and won coveted best all round student gold medal in MBA. He holds over 4 years of corporate experience in channel management, B2B Sales and Marketing as Area Manager in Asian Paints.He specializes in new product development and standardizing operations. He is the ultimate food connoisseur and a big movie buff.